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We crunch those numbers.

With analytics, you get all the hits.

So what exactly is Digital Analytics? We think, in a nutshell … is the collection, measurement and analysis of marketing campaigns and website data to produce actionable insights for a successful digital marketing campaign.

Minus the misses.

Beyond numbers, they are your next best bet to achieving marketing excellence. More often than not, in this day and age, your competitors could already be doing this, and having proper analytics done for your website, business or company is the only sure-fire precursor to an action plan riddled with hits, minus the misses.

A wealth of info at your disposal.

More and more companies are investing in digital analytics now than ever before, having appreciate the importance of these data for purposes of yielding growth in digital spend, to bring about accountability of marketing campaigns, to drive confidence to make further investment in digital work, data also fuels realisation that a specific campaign is working or not working out and finally, it aids understanding of our customers better.

Always on, 24/7 days a week.

If you’ve tinkered with Google Analytics as part of setting up your company before, you might have realized how efficient it is at monitoring and gathering performance data, site traffic, user actions and measurable goals and KPIs for your business.

Make informed decisions, conceive actionable plans.

Analytics Service in Malaysia

But have you ever wondered how you could glean actionable insights from these data to better optimise your website and inbound traffic acquisition performance? Or better yet, using these analytics to produce better campaigns, site architecture and achieving those KPIs?

Digital Analytics for marketing can provide you with a wealth of information about your visitors — allowing you to analyze how you reached those visitors, how many visitors you acquired from campaigns as a result of seeing your ad, breakdown of your lead generation efforts all the way through to how engaged those visitors were and how valuable they were at creating a positive action on your website.


• Yields Growth
• Brings Accountability
• Drives Confidence
• Better Understanding


• Audience Profiling
• User Experience
• Gain Insights
• Conversion Rates


• Site Traffic
• New Visits
• Geo Locations
• Competitor Analysis


• Fills Contact Form
• # of Pages Per Visit
• # of Times Per Visit
• Signs Up Newsletter


If you’re in the dark about …

  • why on-site behaviour should be tracked correctly
  • ensuring sound business decisions could be made
  • using analytics to evaluate site performance
  • how many site visitors you have per month
  • how many page views per visitors to your site
  • how long did they spend browsing through your site
  • the demographic group of visitors to your site

… we can shed some light.


  • validate the current measurement structure & setup to ensure data is clean
  • generate report on acquisition analysis (how visitors are finding the site)
  • generate report on user behaviour & path analysis (what they did on the site)
  • generate report on outcome analysis (what happens after their visit)
  • propose an optimisation strategy based on the insights
  • we can also setup a Google Tag Manager (GTM) account
  • creation of all necessary GTM tags to fulfil your tracking requirements

"Top of funnel content must be intellectually divorced from product but emotionally wed to it.” - Chernov

Xwork Digital Marketing Agency Malaysia
Xwork Digital Marketing Agency Malaysia
Xwork Digital Marketing Agency Malaysia
Xwork Digital Marketing Agency Malaysia
Xwork Digital Marketing Agency Malaysia
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