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There’s propaganda in art.

An empty canvas.

In the world of eCommerce and online marketing, graphic design plays a central role in keeping things fresh, engaging and relevant for words alone would be too bare and boring without the accompanying art to go with it.

A manifesto.

At Xwork, we believe in the ideology that with the right artistic mix in an ad creative, we are in a better position to tap into the subconscious mind of the consumers. To convey a message. To sell an idea. We like to challenge convention, and we play on the notion of less is more where advertising, marketing and promotional campaigns are concern. Like Ogilvy, for instance.

This is art.

Research has indicated that a visually stunning banner, graphic design or website element of an eCommerce store results in a higher conversion rate, more so if the products are well shot and nicely tweaked. The same goes for a Call-To-Action (CTA) button, advertising banners for the Google Display Network and on social media platforms such as Facebook, you need beautifully designed pieces to get the ultimate social mileage.

Beautifully done.

Where digital marketing is concern, more so in the area of social media marketing (SMM), an awesome looking image — nicely done — increases the Clickthrough Rate (CTR) than one that borders on the humdrum. With creative design, the five-second rule applies, and if it’s not engaging enough in the eyes of the consumers — wham-bam! there goes the campaign that you’ve barely even started.

Graphic Design Service in Malaysia

But have you ever wondered how you could create engaging graphic design images that reflect upon the persona of your company, congruent well with the expectations of your demographic group and 100% destined to be a social hit? We think we can help.


• Out-of-the-Box
• Visually Stunning
• Highly Engaging
• Creatively Done


• Typography
• Minimalist
• Manifesto
• Propaganda


• Monotone
• Psychedelic
• Vintage
• Grunge


• Website
• Social Media
• Digital Campaign
• Marketing Collateral

Graphic Design

If you’re looking to create …

  • engaging visuals for use with your website or social posts
  • graphic design concepts for a digital project or campaign
  • artistic works bordering on a minimalist style of look
  • posters, banners and creatives that provoke the senses
  • geometric prints, typography and conceptual pieces

… we’re ready to roll.


  • imagine high-quality graphics work (minus the crap)
  • photoshop-like image prints worthy of a 2nd look
  • deploying minimalism into the next masterpiece
  • artistic concept with a hint of guerrilla style
  • think geometric, typography & abstract works of art
  • check out some of our past projects here

"Design is thinking made visible.” - Saul Bass

Xwork Digital Marketing Agency Malaysia
Xwork Digital Marketing Agency Malaysia
Xwork Digital Marketing Agency Malaysia
Xwork Digital Marketing Agency Malaysia
Xwork Digital Marketing Agency Malaysia
Xwork Digital Agency 24/7 An eCommerce & Online Marketing Company
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