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There’s more to social media …

… than just likes.

When was the last time that customer of yours left the Facebook fanpage for good? It takes more than just Like us on Facebook to build your fan base, and a lot more effort to keep them there — that’s where a social media agency like Xwork comes in.

The human connection.

Social media marketing is an engagement that goes beyond mere interaction with your audience. It’s all about reading their thoughts and anticipating a meeting of the minds. With this understanding and a persistent part of us to be (highly) social, we conjure creative campaigns worthy of their likes. Their shares. And their time.

This is social media marketing.

We are quite the social creature when it comes to social media marketing, and we have just the right mix of creativity to hook them in. It’s time to unlock the potential of your brand with the power of social media, we can craft campaigns to leverage on the ultimate word of mouth on steroids, and the best part is, your followers inadvertently assist your brand or company to share the content on their channels to their followers.

Get exposures like never before.

If you’ve noticed by now, most of the businesses out there are turning to Facebook or social media marketing channels to be seen and heard. But it takes more than the occasional updates to draw them in — the engagement level we are looking at requires something more extrinsic than that. And for busy companies, this can take up a lot of time.

Social Media Marketing Service in Malaysia

It all comes down to using the right strategy, creative use of images, choiced words and curated content to bring consumer awareness and engagement level to the next stratosphere. Business Manager included.


• Beyond Likes
• Increase Awareness
• Promote Branding
• User Engagement


• Facebook
• Instagram
• Twitter
• LinkedIn


• Custom Campaigns
• Target Demographic
• Brand Recognition
• Build Relationship


• Sales Conversion
• Increased Site Traffic
• Complements SEO
• Better Outreach

Social Media Marketing

If you’re looking …

  • for a social media marketing darling
  • to increase your Facebook Likes
  • to engage with your Twitter followers
  • to post some great looking pics in Instagram
  • to reach out to your demographic group of customers
  • & an agency to watch your (social media) back

… we can be your friend.


  • setting up a corporate Facebook page, professional trimmings included
  • link the Facebook page to other social media channels
  • manage & maintain your Facebook account
  • incorporate creatively designed images for better engagement
  • build up your followers, likes & target influencers
  • compose regular posts & updates specific to your business or industry
  • execute periodical campaigns & promotional contests to increase conversions

"Social Media is about sociology and psychology more than technology.” - Brian Solis

Xwork Digital Marketing Agency Malaysia
Xwork Digital Marketing Agency Malaysia
Xwork Digital Marketing Agency Malaysia
Xwork Digital Marketing Agency Malaysia
Xwork Digital Marketing Agency Malaysia
Xwork Digital Agency 24/7 An eCommerce & Online Marketing Company
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