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And for everything else …

… there’s Pay-Per-Click.

In addition to organic searches, for a successful Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaign, Pay Per Click (PPC) or Google Ads play a huge but fundamental role for most companies seeking to stake a claim of the proverbial online advertisement pie.

It’s all about dollars & sense.

A successful online presence, coupled with the passion to relentlessly market your products, promote your services, or brand your business, relies heavily on the marriage between sound SEO, organic traffic and a little investment in paid search – or PPC for short. Our solution is almost a match made in (advertising) heaven.

Affordable advertising for everyone.

Irregardless if you’re a small startup, an SME or a multinational company, you will benefit from some of the most highly targeted paid search campaigns for a specific business model across a broad range of industries that money can buy. And that’s for a start when it comes to search engine marketing.

Be there where they can find you.

It’s really hard to be seen online these days. If you’re just trying to boost traffic to your site or online store, to improve brand awareness, or to drive sales and increase conversions down the funnel, leave it to us to craft some of the most creative ad campaigns with a view to precision targeting and greater ROIs via search engine marketing.

Search Engine Marketing Service in Malaysia

And nope, these are not guessworks. We don’t gamble with search engine marketing. By using the right mix of statistical data, analytics, creative use of images and research, we are in a better position to understand user activity and conversion trends. With these in mind, we fine tune the campaigns in search engine marketing to further improve the targeting scope, and we don’t just stop there — we iterate and repeat these processes over and over again. Sounds tiring already? We can do it for you.


• Campaign Setup
• Keyword Research
• Ad Copy
• Targeting


• Budget
• Scheduling
• Conversion Tracking
• Quality Score

Video Ads

• YouTube Campaigns
• Branding
• Site Traffic
• Sales Conversion


• Managing KPIs
• Setting Goals
• Highly Measurable
• Engage Audience

Search Engine Marketing

If you’re targeting …

  • for better visibility for your brand or business
  • to increase traffic to your website
  • to engage with your prospective customers
  • to drive sales conversion for a product or service
  • to reach out to a particular demographic group of people
  • to have your ads listed on specific or relevant sites

… you’ve just hit your mark.


  • setting up of a Google Ads (or other PPC) account
  • create targeted search, display & video ad campaigns
  • ad management across all search engine marketing channels
  • to conduct keyword audit & research
  • to execute remarketing campaigns for target audience
  • to generate periodical reports based on measurable KPIs

"Good SEO work only gets better over time.” - Jill Whalen

Xwork Digital Marketing Agency Malaysia
Xwork Digital Marketing Agency Malaysia
Xwork Digital Marketing Agency Malaysia
Xwork Digital Marketing Agency Malaysia
Xwork Digital Marketing Agency Malaysia
Xwork Digital Agency 24/7 An eCommerce & Online Marketing Company
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